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Factory Information

For over 50 years Chance Rides has been at the heart of manufacturing excellence in the amusement industry. Now in the third generation of family ownership, Chance Rides is committed to continuing that standard of excellence for another 50 years and beyond.

Our experienced designers and engineers use their imagination, creativity, skills and tools to translate an idea into reality.

Prototype Shop
Every concept gets proven out with a working prototype that undergoes rigorous testing and establishes manufacturing specifications.

Chance Rides has been at the forefront of manufacturing excellence for over 50 years and we remain a leader in the industry. Our rides are American made using American ingenuity.

Our full integration includes molded parts on our rides, coasters and people movers. Including carrousel scenery and animals.

Chance Rides uses meticulous quality standards to ensure a long lasting paint finish on every part of our rides. Each section of the part is measured for paint thickness to ensure a consistent coating. Parts go through several steps to make sure that they start out perfectly clean prior to the paint being applied. All of this is done to ensure that the customer and their guests enjoy a quality product for many years.

Carrousel Art
From our own assortment of classic carrousel horses and wildlife animals to custom designs, every carrousel animal is painstakingly detailed by hand, requiring up to 100 man hours per figure. And no two figures are ever completed alike.

Final Assembly
The Chance Rides' 40-acre facility is fully integrated, giving us the ability to complete assembly to the customers exact specifications.

Chance Rides Custom Care
From delivery, to installation, to when the ride is in service, Chance Rides remains your partner with personalized customer support for every aspect of your operation.

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the Art of Movement
  General Inquires: Chance Rides • P.O. Box 9046 • Wichita, KS 67277-9046 USA • TEL 316-945-6555 • sales@chancerides.com
Parts/Service: Chance Rides • P.O. Box 12328 • Wichita, KS 67277-2328 USA • TEL 316-942-7411 • service@chancerides.com