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Technical Support

Chance Rides is committed to the continuous improvement in quality, safety and service for our complete line of products. Safety and efficient maintenance practices begin with having the right documentation in the right place at the right time.

This portion of the website is intended to help you find technical information on your ride should questions or problems arise. The following literature can be found:

Service Manuals
Service manuals provide detailed technical information on each specific ride. This includes set-up, operation and maintenance instructions, as well as the parts catalog. Many service manuals are available online and are highlighted in each list. Other manuals are available in hard copy, and a part number is given so that the manual can be ordered from our Parts Department.

Service Bulletins
Service bulletins provide new and/or updated technical information on specific rides. The information in a service bulletin supersedes any previously published information or specification. Service bulletins are listed by individual ride, and a special listing provides a quick reference to newly released bulletins.

Field Inspection and Test Guide
The information provided in the Field Inspection and Test Guide provides in-depth technical information. The tests and inspection points outlined in this guide are not intended to replace the recommended maintenance schedule, but instead focus on ride inspection and testing.

The Technical Support portion of the Chance Rides website is reserved strictly for ride inspectors and customers who own a Chance ride.

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