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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have an idea for a new ride. How do I submit it to Chance Rides?
A: Chance Rides is frequently contacted by individuals or companies who have ideas for new rides. As a general policy, Chance Rides must kindly refuse any ideas from persons outside of the company. Any ideas received are promptly deleted or destroyed, regardless of content. Thank you for your understanding.

Q: I am interested in a career in amusement ride design. What type of schooling / degree is required?
A: Chance Rides Engineering Department is comprised of structural and mechanical engineers. The engineers are supported by highly skilled designers and drafters proficient in CAD design. Knowledge of Solidworks, FEA and Microsoft Office programs, as well as general programming skills, is important.

Q: I am a student seeking information for a school report. How can I get information on Chance Rides?
A: Students seeking information for school reports or personal interest are encouraged not to request information via e-mail. Instead, please follow the links listed under "Products" or on the Industry Links page.

Q: I am interested in learning more about the amusement industry and / or my favorite amusement ride for my own personal use. Can you send me information?
A: Learning about the amusement industry and the array of spectacular amusement rides is fascinating. As a result, Chance Rides receives an enormous daily response from our web site. Unfortunately, the volume of comments / questions we receive daily is far too numerous to respond to on an individual basis. For more information regarding the industry, please try following the links found on our Industry Links page.

For more information regarding specific rides from Chance Rides, please refer to the "Products" link above.

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